• When will it ever END?!?

    31 October at 09:20 from atlas

    2020 has seen the almost all-enveloping scourge of COVID-19, with millions of citizens infected, and hundreds of thousands losing their lives to this pandemic.

    Our sport has managed to survive, in a much-truncated form, where countries have been diligent in applying restrictions - no spectators, or very few, in stadia with capacities of tens-of-thousands.

    High-profile meetings, such as the Wanda Diamond League, had to trim their schedule, others got rather innovative - we saw backyard events and mini-games, enabling small bands of athletes to participate in reduced field sizes.

    Overall there were some outstanding performances in track & field, also on the road (running and walking). This was ample evidence that the plague was not going to hamper the efforts of many, as they tried to maintain fitness and well-being.

    Tokyo 2020 is being touted as the target for many, but being something of a realist, I am inclined to think they are being overly optimistic - if a vaccine becomes available, then perhaps the Games will go ahead - but don't hold your breath!

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