• They came, fought and CONQUERED!

    25 August at 13:47 from atlas

    Nairobi got a big 'Well Done" accolade from World Athletics, for staging such a tremendous under-20 Championships.

    World junior records were achieved in several events, and there is every hope that those record-breakers will gravitate into senior competition with further success. Area and National records tumbled, as did any number of personal bests - where better to record your ultimate mark than in a meeting like this one?

    The stand-out performances came by way of new World junior records from the Jamaican women in the 4x100, France's Sasha Zhoya in the men's 110m Hurdles (he managed that trick twice!), South Africa in the men's 4x100.

    Others to shine were the 4x400 mixed Relay team of Nigeria, who withstood a ferocious challenge from Poland, Christine Mboma NAM in a near record for the 200m, Maja Åskag SWE triumphing in both the Triple and Long Jumps (the latter by a mere 1 centimetre!), Sofia Ramos Rodríguez MEX walking 10000m at a pace no other woman could keep up with, Erwan Konate FRA leaping into seniors' territory by surpassing his personal best of 7.91m by 21 centimetres, to 8.12m (just part of a superlative series of jumps), and a tense Decathlon contest where the lead changed at the 8th event in favour of František Doubek CZE over Jente Hauttekeete BEL who had been in front for the first seven disciplines.

    Be sure to review the results in my Downloads for You, as well as following up on a host of YouTube videos (I went with JayTech Media because our local provider had nothing to offer),

    Picture courtesy of World Athletics.


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