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    12 July at 03:19 from atlas

    The IAAF has just announced that the World Under-18 Championships will be streamed LIVE via Facebook and their YouTube channel. This means that most of you armchair athletes (and those with friends competing there) can enjoy really expansive coverage.

    Bear in mind that not everywhere in the world will be able to access the feed - Australia and New Zealand (my country) can't!
    Check whether you can or cannot?

    The live stream will be active during the following dates / times
    (all times local, GMT/UTC +3):
    12 July: 09:30-12:35. 16:55-19:40.
    13 July: 09:30-13:15. 16:30-19:40.
    14 July: 09:30-11:55. 16:30-19:05.
    15 July: 09:30-12:40. 16:30-19:40.
    16 July: 15:00-18:06.

    Of course you can always subscribe or already be a subscriber to cable or satellite television in your own country, and therefore be able to bathe in endless programs about these Championships - check here...

    Picture courtesy of the IAAF & Getty Images


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