• Olivia McTaggart did have a GREAT Commonwealth Games!

    16 April at 06:06 from atlas

    Here's an extract from Athletics New Zealand Weekly Roundup, 16th April: 

    "The former national junior and youth champion had come back from injury, injuring her ankle during the warm up at the New Zealand championships in Hamilton last month.

    "I was really close to my PB, it was really hard not to get that, but considering my build up I'm really happy, I can't complain.

    "The atmosphere was crazy, and I'm so proud of Eliza (McCartney) getting that second, it was so awesome to see. It ended up to be a really tough competition and it was good to be part of it. 

    "My opening height 3.85m was nice and easy, four metres was a little bit scary and I had to get it second attempt and then 4.15m and on from there I felt a lot more confident, and the 4.30m where the bar just stayed there.

    "It was really hard at the 4.40m as I've been going for that PB for so long, it is my PB. So considering my injuries and everything that I've been through I'm just so proud to be here," said McTaggart."


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