• NAMIBIA produces great sprinters!

    5 September at 09:00 from atlas

    Not content with winning a gold medal at the World under-20 Championships and a silver medal at the Olympic Games, Christine Mboma went on to defeat top speedsters at the Brussels edition of the Wanda Diamond League.

    In those three finals she managed to eclipse the World under-20 Record: three times in Nairobi, and came within 0.03 seconds of that Record at both the Olympics and Diamond League. Simply OUTSTANDING, with more to come, I am certain.

    Her fellow Namibian, Beatrice Masilingi was not too far behind Mboma at those same meetings, finishing with a best 200 metre time of 22.28. She will improve that time, for sure.

    Both young women exhibit high levels of naturally-occurring testosterone, which meant they were banned/could no longer compete in their favoured 400 metres, where they would undoubtedly be twin forces at the highest levels. Mboma has a best of 49.22A, the current under-20 World Record, and Masilingi is not far behind at 49.53A, third on the All-Time under-20 list.
    (Both marks were achieved at high altitude in Namibia, before their bans came into effect).

    Picture courtesy of World Athletics.


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