• NAIROBI ends with a plethora of Medals!

    17 July at 05:22 from atlas

    Well, I hope you manged to contain your excitement over the five days of intense competition in Kasarani Stadium - it bodes well for the future of our Sport, that so many youngsters will go on to be household names.

    They will become National, Area, World and Olympic champions, and record-holders in various meetings and championships along the way.

    Are you confident in predicting which of this week's winners will gravitate to those lofty heights, eventually?

    I for one will want to see Amanda Armendáris, Jordan A Díaz and Breyton Poole succeed at the highest level, after displaying their prowess by way of top performances here (you'll notice that I'm slightly biased towards field event specialists, having officiated at the highest National level in all of those disciplines).

    Picture courtesy of the IAAF/Getty Images ©


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