• MONDO nails 6.17, then 6.18 metres - SO EASILY!

    9 February at 15:00 from atlas

    I know he's not a youngster any longer, but at just 20¼  he's still not a veteran either. Having set world bests from age 7 onward, and with a dream to become the ultimate high flyer since he was 3, he showed he was capable at the World Indoor Tour when it hit Düsseldorf.

    In the Polish city of Toruń, a few days later, he achieved his dream at the second attempt, adding a centimetre to Renaud Lavillenie's indoor record, and going where no other vaulter had ever gone before.

    There are countless YouTube videos available, so be sure to check out the one that gives multiple views, slo-mo's, etc. (Also the European Athletics website has a brief article and background information).

    The next question is whether he will go higher (yes) and win at the Tokyo Olympics (quite probably). I heard the Düsseldorf commentator say that it's likely Mondo will go as high as 6.25 - 6.30 in the next few years - my own opinion is that he could get close to the lower mark sooner!

    Of course, he was not content with 6.17, so he launched himself a centimetre higher in Glasgow, just one week after his Polish exploits!

    Picture courtesy of World Athletics


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