• McCartney can set the WORLD MARK, says coach!

    27 August at 11:56 from atlas

    A week after her "coming out" performance in Rio, and with comparisons being made about her rapid progress in what is still a relatively young sport for females, Eliza McCartney's coach Jeremy McColl has spoken at length with David Leggat of the New Zealand Herald newspaper. Firstly about her impact on New Zealand, secondly the subject of this news item's headline.

    The man who unselfishly imported vaulting poles for his squad at his own cost, McColl is convinced that young (she was born 11th December 1996) Ms McCartney is on her way to the event's highest pinnacle.

    Her progress to date has been relentless since getting hooked on vaulting -

    2011    3.60m

    2012    3.85m

    2013    4.11m

    2014    4.45m

    2015    4.64m
    having reached 19 years-of-age just 8 days earlier)

    2016    4.80m twice
    (NZL National Champs in March and again at the Rio Olympics)

    So, who wants to contradict Jeremy McColl and his all-encompassing knowledge about this event, and the young woman who has been doing exactly what he has told her for the past 5 years?!?


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