• Less than a week until RIO takes off!

    7 August at 04:10 from atlas

    Yes, I know there are a host of other sports showcasing talent to the world already, but my beloved ATHLETICS will be the focus for millions of people around the globe from next weekend.

    Will we see some surprises? To be sure: but will they be some of the young stars who excelled in Bydgoszcz and elsewhere this year? Undoubtedly one or two are destined for future greatness, however, Rio 2016 might not be their time to shine. If they do manage to progress through qualifying, then to be in an Olympic final will be a highlight of these youngsters' early careers.

    Event previews are being rolled out by the IAAF, and later there will be deep, comprehensive results on Mirko Jalava's Tilastopaja website.

    Picture courtesy of the IAAF/Getty Images.


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