• Eliza McCartney is really BIG NEWS!

    25 August at 06:40 from atlas

    On her return to New Zealand, Eliza has found that there's a media frenzy around her achievement and personality. Her agent, Scott Newman (former boss of Athletics New Zealand) has been fielding sponsorship enquiries, and we are likely to see some "heavy hitters" come aboard in the not-too-distant future.

    Jeremy McColl, charismatic coach and the guy who has guided and developed her to world class, has such a low profile that he can walk the streets without being noticed by anyone but those who actually know him!

    Be sure to read all of the latest news about Eliza on the Vaulter website, as well as the IAAF follow-up to their daily Report on the women's pole vault at Rio...

    Pictured at the 2016 Halberg Awards where she won Emerging Talent
    (courtesy of zimbio.com)


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