• Athing Mu was simply OUTSTANDING!

    11 August at 15:44 from atlas

    If you were fortunate enough to watch the Tokyo Olympics, then you would have noticed a certain young black woman, who decimated the competition in the 800 metres. Winning easily, in a new National Record for the United States, as well as an under-20 Area Record, she shows every sign of garnering more golds in the years to come - perhaps at next year's World Champs in Eugene, Oregon?

    "It's awesome. I feel like I've just accomplished one of my goals. I just wanted to be a medalist," Mu (pronounced 'Mo') the 19-year-old star was born to South Sudanese parents who migrated to the United States over 20 years ago, told reporters after her victory.

    Be sure to check out any YouTube videos which confirm her rise to stardom. She had set a number of records both indoors and out before going to Tokyo.

    Picture courtesy of World-Track, The Track & Field News Resource.

    And don't forget to visit the World Athletics website for articles about the event winners and losers...


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