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    10 November at 06:59 from atlas

    Being in a quiet place (see photo) I can spend a little time catching up on the exploits of Juniors, Youths, et al from around the ...

  • That was the YEAR, that was! Next year?

    18 October at 08:14 from atlas

    2021 will be remembered for so many outstanding performances and breakthrough accomplishments - a great sign that 2022 will be even ...

  • Oh what a year we have HAD!

    20 September at 05:37 from atlas

    Yes,  it has been an extraordinary 12 months, and fortunately major and minor meetings have been staged, albeit without spectators ...

  • The T&F season is almost OVER!

    12 September at 18:02 from atlas

    But several high-profile meetings will be taking place in the next week. ...

  • Yet ANOTHER record for Christine Mboma!

    10 September at 09:17 from atlas

    Even after a long and busy season, she still managed to trim another three-hundredths of a second off of the World under-20 200m record, ...

  • Normal service RESUMES!

    8 September at 08:03 from atlas

    All of my Pictures came to light overnight...  thankfully.

  • Where have all of my PICTURES gone?

    7 September at 13:52 from atlas

    Within the past few days my website has developed a glitch, and none of the photos I uploaded over time will show up - MYOB Atlas have ...

  • NAMIBIA produces great sprinters!

    5 September at 09:00 from atlas

    Not content with winning a gold medal at the World under-20 Championships and a silver medal at the Olympic Games, Christine Mboma went ...

  • They came, fought and CONQUERED!

    25 August at 13:47 from atlas

    Nairobi got a big 'Well Done" accolade from World Athletics, for staging such a tremendous under-20 Championships. ...

  • The future of ATHLETICS is nearly here!

    15 August at 06:24 from atlas

    'The World Athletics U20 Championships scheduled to be held in Nairobi, Kenya between 17-22 August will now begin one day later on ...


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