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  • DIAMOND LEAGUE finale in Bruxelles!

    31 August at 13:36 from atlas

    Yes, it's almost the end of another season of track & field action, with several youngsters expected to be competing in the Belgian ...

  • 29th Summer UNIVERSIADE just completed!

    29 August at 16:48 from atlas

    This great global meeting in Taipei was neatly sandwiched between the World Champs and the Diamond League finals, producing some ...

  • 2017 still has a lot on OFFER!

    16 August at 03:01 from atlas

    Just when you thought you could relax, after a scintillating World Champs, we will be privileged to see many of the champions in action ...

  • A fond farewell to USAIN BOLT!

    14 August at 17:19 from atlas

    He changed the face of athletics, from the moment he won the World Junior Champs 200m as a 15-year-old in 2002 until he collapsed with a ...

  • Day 10 - unfortunately it had to come to an END!

    14 August at 16:58 from atlas

    Stunning performances were the norm on the last day of competition. ...

  • Day 9 - more and more FINALS!

    14 August at 06:35 from atlas

    Entering the last weekend of these Championships, and the intensity is at the maximum, with elite athletes vying for the medals on ...

  • Day 8 - still more GREAT EVENTS!

    14 August at 06:00 from atlas

    Being away from home, with no Internet access means that these postings are retrospective - no matter, you've probably already enjoyed ...

  • Day 7 - upsets and SUPERB competition!

    11 August at 19:13 from atlas

    Whether it's the Olympics, Worlds, Areas, Nationals or just a local meeting, you can guarantee that "certainties" will fail to achieve ...

  • Day 6 - decathlete turned 400m HURDLER!

    10 August at 07:29 from atlas

    Karsten Warholm the Norwegian decathlete has only been a serious one-lap hurdler for a couple of years, but to have come through as ...

  • Day 5 - some predictable, and one SURPRISE winner!

    9 August at 13:24 from atlas

    It's always fun for the experts to gaze into their crystal balls, and "see" who will come out on top in all of these various events. I'm ...


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