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  • Top Talent from CARIFTA GAMES to watch!

    3 May at 18:31 from atlas

    One young girl who collected the plaudits of the crowds by winning three events was Adaejah Hodge of British Virgin Islands. On 13th ...

  • PROOF, if it was needed, they are SO FAST!

    1 May at 12:46 from atlas

    Less than two weeks from my previous post, young Mr Knighton sets the track ablaze with a 19.49 second 200m, the fourth fastest of all ...

  • One young man to WATCH!

    18 April at 16:37 from atlas

    He first came into the spotlight when he broke Usain Bolt's World under-18 best of 20.13, running 20.11 on 31st May 2021. Less than a ...

  • The OUTDOOR season is blossoming!

    7 April at 15:31 from atlas

    Especially in the United States, with their College program. No doubt there will be outstanding performances every weekend, with new ...

  • Not every favourite SUCCEEDS!

    20 March at 09:03 from atlas

    The World Athletics Indoor World Championships has already produced that evidence, with Ryan Crouser suffering his first defeat in ages, ...

  • Scaling back on my WEBSITE work

    30 January at 18:08 from atlas

    Reluctantly I have been obliged to prune most of my webpages, following the renewal of my Domain Name ...

  • Every event was HARD FOUGHT!

    14 December at 15:15 from atlas

    Last Sunday's European Cross-Country champs produced several nail-biting finishes, as well as one or two scintillating performances - ...

  • RISING STARS will be ones to WATCH!

    9 December at 07:50 from atlas

    World Athletics recently held a virtual Awards ceremony, and showcased the athletes who had made the biggest impressions (titles and ...


    10 November at 06:59 from atlas

    Being in a quiet place (see photo) I can spend a little time catching up on the exploits of Juniors, Youths, et al from around the ...

  • That was the YEAR, that was! Next year?

    18 October at 08:14 from atlas

    2021 will be remembered for so many outstanding performances and breakthrough accomplishments - a great sign that 2022 will be even ...


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