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  • Nearly another DOUBLE for Jakob!

    5 March at 07:25 from atlas

    After blitzing the field in the 3000, young Ingebrigtsen was out-gunned in the 1500 by Poland's Marcin Lewandowski, but he was not ...

  • This youngster has SUPER-FAST genes!

    13 February at 18:36 from atlas

    Not content with defeating his older brother Henrik, and other runners many years his senior, in winning the 5000m (see photo) at the ...

  • Seasonal Salutations from Down Under!

    17 December at 17:37 from atlas

    It's summer-time in New Zealand now, meaning that people are preparing for their Christmas/New Year break, from work and school. As our ...

  • The FUTURE of Athletics is ASSURED!

    24 October at 18:20 from atlas

    With memories of the Buenos Aires Youth Olympic Games fading rapidly, there are any number of gold medallists (and lesser mortals) who ...

  • High fliers go HIGHER & HIGHER!

    16 October at 17:10 from atlas

    If only I could have been on the rail behind the jumpers, as Chen and Miers flew - these young guys will be serious contenders for major ...

  • 2018 Youth Olympic Games LIVE!

    14 October at 18:49 from atlas

    If you want to savour the future prospects in our sport, tap into daily coverage on the Olympic ...

  • Only a few more SLEEPS until 2018 YOG!

    6 October at 18:50 from atlas

    Thursday 11th October may seem an age away, but many of the athletes will already be settling into their accommodation at the village in ...

  • BUENOS AIRES, here we come!

    4 October at 14:48 from atlas

    The world's youngsters are heading to the Argentine capital for this year's Youth Olympic Games, taking place from 11-16 October. ...

  • ARGENTINA hosts the 2018 Youth Olympic Games!

    19 September at 06:26 from atlas

    While Europe and other places around the world are experiencing the extremes of weather (hurricanes, cyclones, flooding, etc.), Buenos ...

  • BAREGA shatters World u20 Record for 5000m!

    4 September at 06:54 from atlas

    Simply because it's nearly the end of the athletics season, doesn't mean that the athletes have given up on performing great deeds - ...


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