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  • New Zealand's athletes DISAPPOINTED!

    2 March at 11:58 from atlas

    As the result of a COVID-19 positively-tested person causing havoic in the community, we have been thrown into disarray, with ...

  • When will it ever END?!?

    31 October at 09:20 from atlas

    2020 has seen the almost all-enveloping scourge of COVID-19, with millions of citizens infected, and hundreds of thousands losing their ...

  • Our SPORT is coping SO WELL!

    8 September at 10:11 from atlas

    Indeed, there are superb performances happening every weekend, mostly by elite senior athletes, but youngsters are making sure that they ...

  • GREAT performances every week!

    28 August at 15:16 from atlas

    Despite the pervading fear of Covid-19, athletics has been enjoying something of a renaissance in several countries. The Wanda Diamond ...

  • TOKYO OLYMPICS athletics timetable

    30 July at 15:20 from atlas

    On 25 June, World Athletics launched  ...

  • INNOVATIVE ways to hold meetings!

    26 July at 11:52 from atlas

    While much of the world fights the COVID-19 pandemic, there are small pockets of enthusiastic meet organizers, coaches, athletes and ...

  • JAKOB reckons he is in good form!

    25 May at 08:08 from atlas

    Young Mr Ingebrigtsen and his brother Henrik started their competitive season by demolishing their National Record for the 5 km road ...

  • Where can we WANDA?

    20 May at 08:29 from atlas

    Despite the global turmoil, event organizers are beginning to craft programs for the latter portion of 2020. ...

  • CHINA has re-surfaced from COVID-19!

    24 April at 08:19 from atlas

    Three low-key meetings have been held this month, ...

  • Are YOU staying safe and healthy?!?

    19 April at 15:39 from atlas

    Here in New Zealand we are awaiting the Government's decision, tomorrow, on whether we are to remain in Lock-down, or be able to relax ...


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