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  • COVID-19, how our world has changed!

    31 March at 12:22 from atlas

    It appears as though almost every country around the globe is suffering, some worse than others. Our sport has had to curtail its ...


    17 March at 13:20 from atlas

    The whole world is gripped by this pandemic, and in New Zealand we are glad to be so remote and isolated from every other ...

  • MONDO nails 6.17, then 6.18 metres - SO EASILY!

    9 February at 15:00 from atlas

    I know he's not a youngster any longer, but at just 20¼  he's still not a veteran either. Having set world bests from age 7 ...

  • HIGHER and HIGHER - with and without a POLE!

    6 February at 08:15 from atlas

    The German indoor scene was abuzz, twice, during this past week. ...

  • Make sure not to miss anything about this year's OLYMPICS!

    13 January at 06:48 from atlas

    There's a lot going on in preparation for this great occasion, so don't forget to visit their  ...

  • That was 2019... what has 2020 got to OFFER?

    27 December at 07:13 from atlas

    Living in the Southern Hemisphere means that it's summer at Christmas, and we spend much of our time outdoors. I realize what snow at ...

  • Clash of the TITANS!

    22 August at 12:41 from atlas

    Next month there is to be a major meeting of our Sport's Superstars, and several may be on their way to becoming tomorrow's elite ...

  • JULY & AUGUST are very busy months!

    28 July at 14:10 from atlas

    With major Champs in Europe and Central America, plus any number of National qualifying meets for the Doha IAAF World Champs, ...

  • Flexible, and very fast - over the HURDLES!

    11 July at 17:15 from atlas

    Having commented recently on his World under-18 Pole Vault of 5.56, we were not expecting so soon to be singing his praises once more. ...

  • Young Jakob trims his best, AGAIN!

    8 July at 13:27 from atlas

    At the 44th Athletissima, IAAF Diamond League meeting in Lausanne, Switzerland, the 1500m had a top-quality field of ...


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