After saying goodbye to Usain Bolt, there will be dozens of World Champs medal winners competing in the last Diamond League meetings.

After time overseas (March-November 2012), making contact with old clients and new ones, I set up this new site "down-under" transitioning from Lionel Peter's website, (I had compiled its content for 12 years until late 2011). Lionel's health was deteriorating, and he died in July 2013 (see obituary under "More News")

With my knowledgeable information sources in a host of countries, like me they are very enthusiastic about showcasing the exploits of the world's under 20-year-olds in track & field (indoors and out), road running, race walking, cross-country and mountain running. We all applaud when a junior athlete achieves at the very highest level, as was the case with Keshorn Walcott's unexpected win in the 2012 Olympic Games Javelin. I had been privileged to see him win World Junior Champs gold in Barcelona a month earlier, then sat spellbound as he repeated the feat in my old home town, London!

Having this well-designed website, I'm now experiencing a steady flow of visitors, all of them with an ongoing interest in our great sport of Athletics...

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  • 2017 still has a lot on OFFER!

    16 August at 03:01 from atlas

    Just when you thought you could relax, after a scintillating World Champs, we will be privileged to see many of the champions in action ...

  • A fond farewell to USAIN BOLT!

    14 August at 17:19 from atlas

    He changed the face of athletics, from the moment he won the World Junior Champs 200m as a 15-year-old in 2002 until he collapsed with a ...

  • Day 10 - unfortunately it had to come to an END!

    14 August at 16:58 from atlas

    Stunning performances were the norm on the last day of competition. ...

  • Day 9 - more and more FINALS!

    14 August at 06:35 from atlas

    Entering the last weekend of these Championships, and the intensity is at the maximum, with elite athletes vying for the medals on ...

  • Day 8 - still more GREAT EVENTS!

    14 August at 06:00 from atlas

    Being away from home, with no Internet access means that these postings are retrospective - no matter, you've probably already enjoyed ...


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